Friends of Hyde Park Supports Transforming The Hancock Golf Course Into A Park

Friends of Hyde Park members overwhelmingly support transforming the Hancock Golf Course into a public park and green space. The membership of Friends of Hyde Park took a vote, and out of the 88 members that voted, 91% of those members supported this change.

The Hancock Golf Course is 45 acres of green space next to Hyde Park. According to reports from the City of Austin, the golf course has been declining in use, has been losing money for years, and is unavailable to the general public except for a small dirt track that circles the golf course.

Friends of Hyde Park recommends that the The Austin Parks and Recreation Department and the City of Austin transform the Hancock Golf Course into a public park and green space open to the general public with the possibility of transforming sections of Waller Creek back into a natural greenbelt to help restore some of the natural environment surrounding the creek. This would greatly improve access to more natural amenities and the walkability of our neighborhood.

This precious community green space should not be limited to a small number of people to use each day. According to market research on golfers, “the average golfer household income is $100,980, more than 200% greater than non golfers.” “American golfers are 77 percent male and 80 percent white, according to the 2015 Golf Diversity & Inclusion Report.” Golfers are overwhelmingly white, have higher incomes, have a high net worth, and are almost entirely homeowners, which means this space is currently off limits to lower income families, minorities, and renters that would benefit from this green space the most. Golf is not an equitable use of this land and it is problematic to continue this use.

Friends of Hyde Park currently supports the Hancock Conservancy’s vision of turning the Hancock Golf Course into a public park and green space open to all that can be found here:

Information About Friends of Hyde Park

Friends of Hyde Park is currently the largest neighborhood association in our neighborhood with over 500 current members (approximately 50% renters and 50% homestead homeowners). Friends of Hyde Park advocates for more affordable housing and a more walkable, bikeable, inclusive, environmentally sustainable, and transit friendly neighborhood.

Board of Directors of Friends of Hyde Park

Pete Gilcrease
Thomas Ates
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