Friends of Hyde Park Joins Rethink35 Suing TxDOT!

Friends of Hyde Park is joining Rethink35 as a co-plaintiff in the upcoming lawsuit against I-35 and TxDOT.

Join Rethink35 THIS Monday 1/29, 9am outside TxDOT’s HQ on 11th St for the public announcement of Rethink35’s I-35 lawsuit.

Help Rethink35 get a big crowd for this important event!

The lawsuit will be VERY expensive.

Please give whatever you can to help Rethink35 raise $20k.

I-35 Lawsuit Press Conference
Monday January 29th, 9am
Front steps outside TxDOT’s Headquarters, 125 E 11th St, Austin

Rethink35 will publicly announce the lawsuit, their legal team will explain the lawsuit’s arguments, and co-plaintiffs will share why they’re involved.

Check their social media channels (see below) in the next few days for more information on the lawsuit’s arguments and their co-plaintiffs – it’s quite a list!