How do I register to vote?

Click on the “Join” link at the top of the page.

Who can register to vote?

Anybody over the age of 18 that either lives, owns property, or runs a business within 300 feet of Hyde Park can register to vote. The Hyde Park boundary is defined as follows: northern edge is bounded by 51st St from Red River St to Guadalupe St; western edge is bounded by Guadalupe St; southern edge is bounded by 38th St from Guadalupe St to Duval St and 45th St from Duval St to Red River St; and the eastern edge is bounded by Duval St from 38th St to 45th St and Red River St from 45th St to 51st St.

Each business is entitled to only one vote. Non-resident property owners are only entitle to one vote, even if they own multiple properties.

Can I register another way?

Anyone can register in person by attending any of our meetings.  Please bring an ID or a utility bill of any kind that has both your name and a Hyde Park address.

Why is voting anonymous?

Voting in all of our election will be anonymous in order to prevent coercion. Additionally, keeping voting anonymous helps maintain a friendly environment in Hyde Park by preventing disagreements between you and your neighbors.

Can you tell me more about the monthly or quarterly meetings?

We’d be happy to! First off, a vote will never take place at a monthly or quarterly meeting, so you should never feel like you need to attend meetings in order to have your voice heard. Our meetings are more about getting to know your neighbors and having friendly discussions about what’s going on in Hyde Park. Our meetings are announced through our google group, so feel free to sign up there or as a member!

Can a neighborhood in Austin have more than one neighborhood association?

Yes. The City of Austin has no limitation on how many neighborhood associations can exist in the same neighborhood. To learn more about creating a neighborhood association head here http://www.austintexas.gov/cr

How will the city council decide which neighborhood association to listen to?

In the end, the city council makes the decisions. They can choose whether or not to listen to a neighborhood association. We believe that the city council is more likely to listen to a neighborhood association that truly represents the neighborhood. That’s why it’s so important for Friends of Hyde Park to be as inclusive as possible.

Who decides what we vote on?

The Friends of Hyde Park board will ultimately decide what is voted on; however, we’d love to hear and will consider any suggestions.

How long does registration take?

We will do our best to respond to all registration requests within 48 hours. We may ask you to provide additional information in order to verify your residence or ownership within the boundaries such as a copy of a utility bill that shows your name and address or another official document that proves residency.

What if I know somebody that would like to join, but they don’t use a computer?

We feel that everybody in the neighborhood should have a voice. For those that live in Hyde Park and choose not to use a computer, we suggest finding a friend and having them setup an email address for you. They can then use that address to help you join Friends of Hyde Park. We will still need to verify your identity, but after that you’ll be added to the voting roster and included in any votes.

Who receives the email when I register to vote?

Those emails go to the membership committee (http://friendsofhydepark.com/committees/).