Austin’s ADU Ordinance May Be Illegal (Garage Apts, Granny Flats, Tiny Homes)

In November of 2015 the Austin City Council voted to approve a city wide change to allow ADUs (accessory dwellings units – also known as garage apartments, granny flats, tiny homes, or secondary homes) on all SF-3 zoned lots as small as 5,750 sqft in every neighborhood in Austin and to reduce burdensome parking requirements that can prevent ADUs[…]

Is Hyde Park “Exclusively for White People” Again?

Is Hyde Park “Exclusively for White People” Again? Austin City Council and CodeNEXT Staff Must Answer Questions In CodeNEXT, Neighborhood Conservation Combining Districts (NCCDs) creating de-facto zoning barriers to class and race is not a zoning code. It’s a betrayal of Austin values. Friends of Hyde Park, the largest neighborhood association in Hyde Park, has unanswered[…]