Friends of Hyde Park Endorses Zo Qadri for Austin City Council District 9

Central Austin Deserves a Pro-Housing Voice at City Hall

Austin’s housing crisis demands swift and drastic action.

And tackling it going forward won’t be easy. The city is fighting an uphill battle against powerful interests who find the status quo convenient and are terrified of opening up more of the city to people who might not look like, earn like, or think like they do.

It’s with that sentiment in mind that Friends of Hyde Park endorses progressive Democrat Zohaib “Zo” Qadri to represent Austin City Council District 9. We believe Qadri not only understands the urgency of this moment in our housing crisis, but as a longtime progressive activist and renter, Qadri will bring perspective sorely missing from the current dais.

This month, Friends of Hyde Park endorsed former state Rep. Celia Israel for mayor, and Qadri could be an important piece of the pro-housing coalition she would like to build. He has described our current land use code as “Reagan-era policies” that need to be reversed and replaced with an emphasis on housing, climate, and transportation.

“I think we are truly letting our people and community down,” Qadri told Texas Signal in a recent interview. “We need to build more housing, and build more affordable housing for low income families.” In addition to a commitment to land use reform, Qadri supports the expansion of community land trusts, right-to-stay programs, housing vouchers, and steering Project Connect displacement funds to “truly affordable housing.” He believes the city should do more to support individuals experiencing homelessness in the community.

The University of Texas graduate would be the first Pakistani-American and Muslim elected to Council. He worked as a political outreach director for Beto O’Rourke’s 2018 Senate campaign and also served as regional organizing director for Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign. And that experience is paying out in endorsements.

Among a healthy field of candidates, Qadri is also able to boast endorsements from organizations including Our Revolution (Texas and Central Texas chapters), AOC – Courage to Change Pledge, Texas College Democrats and Run for Something. He is also endorsed by former Democratic congressional candidates Mike Siegel and Julie Oliver; State Representatives Sheryl Cole, James Talarico and Donna Howard; and Austin Community College Trustee and community activist Julie Ann Nitsch.

Nitsch explained her endorsement this way: “We need more community organizers in office, and he will fight tooth and nail for the working class community of Austin. He’s the candidate with the experience and fight to get things done on the dais.” That’s why Friends of Hyde Park believes Zo Qadri is the best candidate to represent Hyde Park and central Austin on the Austin City Council. We hope you consider joining us, Mike Siegel, Julie Oliver, and others and vote the same way.

Information About Friends of Hyde Park

Friends of Hyde Park is currently the largest neighborhood association in our neighborhood with over 500 current members (approximately 50% renters and 50% homestead homeowners). Friends of Hyde Park advocates for more affordable housing and a more walkable, bikeable, inclusive, environmentally sustainable, and transit friendly neighborhood.

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