Friends of Hyde Park November 2020 Voter Guide

Friends of Hyde Park Recommendations:

Texas U.S. Representative District 10: Mike Siegel
Texas U.S. Representative District 25: Julie Oliver
Travis County Attorney: Delia Garza
Travis County District Attorney, 53rd District: Jose Garza

For Proposition A – Project Connect – Light Rail System

If Austin is going to combat climate change and traffic problems, Prop A is a must pass proposition. Friends of Hyde Park members previously voted overwhelmingly to support light rail near Hyde Park, which Prop A will accomplish.

“Project Connect brings new transit options to Austin, including a new rail system that connects North, South and East Austin with a direct route to the airport, expanded bus service, including more MetroRapid, MetroExpress and on-demand circulators, and 24 new Park & Rides that connect to the larger transit system.” [1]

“Additionally, the plan includes an unprecedented $300 million to strengthen our community’s commitment to preserving and creating neighborhood level strategies for affordable housing along the routes to help nearby neighbors stay in their homes.” [2]

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For Proposition B – Transit Bond – The Safe Mobility Bond

Hyde Park and Austin desperately need sidewalks and safe alternative transportation options.

“Austin voters have a historic opportunity to make a significant investment this November to improve our city’s active transportation network for future Austinites.” [3]

“The investment would allow the city to reach the Bicycle Master Plan goal of 80% build out of the All Ages and Abilities safe and convenient bike lane network by 2025 (through the $80M in Urban Trails and $40M in bikeways), construct and repair about 100 miles of sidewalks, give comprehensive mobility safety with substantial funding for the Vision Zero safety program, fill sidewalk and bike network gaps along school routes, and advance mobility equity by making multimodal improvements to streets in the eastern crescent.” [4]

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