First Vote – Relaxing Accessory Dwelling Units Regulations

The neighborhood association, Friends of Hyde Park, is holding an online vote regarding accessory dwelling units (ADU) – also known as garage apartments or secondary apartments. The Austin City Council is holding a public hearing to discuss relaxing the regulations required to build ADUs and we feel that it’s important for Hyde Park to be represented at this meeting. The voting results will be sent to the city council and considered in their decision about this issue. 

The full city council resolution regarding ADUs can be found here for review:

Text of what Friends of Hyde Park will be voting on: 

“In order to increase housing options for renters and provide more flexibility for property owners, I support easing restrictions on accessory dwelling units (granny flats, secondary apartments, garage apartments).” 

If you’d like to sign up to be a voter and a member, please visit our site below. It’s free and easy to join. Sign up to vote on this issue now!