Friends of Hyde Park Endorses Steve Adler for Mayor

The Friends of Hyde Park board, representing the largest neighborhood association serving Hyde Park, voted to endorse Mayor Steve Adler for Mayor in Austin’s upcoming November 2018 election. Friends of Hyde Park appreciates Mayor Adler’s continued support for the CodeNEXT process and his desire to see more housing available throughout Austin in order to address our city’s housing challenges. Friends of Hyde Park shares these values not only for Hyde Park, but for all of Austin. The Friends of Hyde Park board makes candidate endorsements based on alignment with our bylaws, goals, and previous membership votes.

On the dais, Mayor Adler has been a consistent advocate for the values shared by Friends of Hyde Park. He voted to relax regulations on accessory dwelling units (also known as garage apartments or granny flats) city wide. He voted to designate Guadalupe Street as an Imagine Austin activity corridor, which will bring new businesses, housing, and transportation options to our neighborhood surrounding the corridor in the future. Mayor Adler also championed and achieved the $720 Million Transportation Bond that will continue to improve the transportation options surrounding our neighborhood for years to come. He voted for the Vision Zero Action Plan, which has a goal of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries in Austin by 2025. Mayor Adler has been an advocate for our musicians and music venues by voting for the Red River pilot program to help music venues on Red River. He helped pass the Austin Strategic Housing Blueprint with housing goals of 135,000 units in 10 years with 75% of that housing to be within ½ mile of activity corridors and activity centers like Guadalupe Street. Mayor Adler has also been a constant advocate for allowing affordable housing and market rate housing throughout Austin by voting for housing projects that included affordable housing such as Plaza Saltillo, The Grove, Austin Oaks, and Elysium Park.

Friends of Hyde Park hopes that Mayor Adler will continue to support the changes to the new land development code necessary to produce the housing that we need in Hyde Park as well as contribute to the vision for Austin called for in the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan. Due to his efforts, we encourage our members and other Hyde Park residents to support Mayor Adler for his re-election.

Information About Friends of Hyde Park

In one of the largest stakeholder processes in Hyde Park’s history, Hyde Park residents voted overwhelmingly to support a new land development code to replace the existing land development code in Hyde Park. 91 Hyde Park residents out of our 403 members at the time voted. 78% of the members that voted supported the resolution.

Friends of Hyde Park is a representative neighborhood association and currently the largest neighborhood association in our neighborhood with 421 current members. Our membership is diverse, just like the people that live in Hyde Park, with approximately 50% of our members being renters and approximately 50% of our members being homestead homeowners. The diversity of Friends of Hyde Park allows our neighborhood association to approximately show what the majority of our residents want for our neighborhood and for Austin.

Board of Directors of Friends of Hyde Park

Pete Gilcrease
Teresa Griffin
Thomas Ates
Matt Desloge
Tom Clear
Adam Luikart
Robert Prentiss