Voter Guide – Anyone Can Vote By Mail For July 14 Runoff – Deadline July 2

Friends of Hyde Park Recommendations:
U.S. Senate: Royce West
U.S. House District 10: Mike Siegel (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren endorsed)
Railroad Commissioner: Chrysta Castañeda
County Attorney: Delia Garza
Travis County District Attorney: Jose Garza (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren endorsed)

“The Texas Supreme Court makes it clear: any Texas voter can request a mail-in ballot to avoid risk of injury” – “to apply to vote by mail and avoid COVID-19 infection, you fill out the application and, for Section 5, check the box ‘Disability.’”

Who’s on the ballot? (information available closer to the election)

How do I register to vote or check to see if I’m registered? (June 15 is the last day to register for the primary)

How do I vote by mail?

The deadline for Ballot By Mail applications [for the July 14, 2020 election] is Thursday, July 2. If you realize you made a mistake on your original application, you may mail another application and your original entry will be updated.

1) Go to this link:
2) Click “Where do I get an application?”
3) Click “Download the Application for a Ballot by Mail”
4) Print the application out and mail it in following the instructions. Also, email a copy of the ballot to If you printed the application, you must place it in your own envelope and add postage.

If you voted in the Democratic Primary last March, then mark “Democratic Primary” on your application, if you want to vote in the Democratic Primary Runoff. If you do not mark “Democratic Primary,” then your ballot will only feature the Special Election for Senate District 14. Replace “Democratic Primary” with “Republican Primary” if you voted in the Republican Primary last March.

If you will be in the county during all elections for the remainder of the calendar year, and wish to vote by mail, suggestions for filling out the application:

Line 1: Your name.
Line 2: Your residence address.
Line 3: Fill out if your mailing address is different from your residence address, e.g. your mailing address is a PO Box. Otherwise, ignore Line 3.
Line 4: Contact information is appreciated but optional.
Box 5: Whatever reason applies, e.g. “Disability.” Regarding “Disability,” do not write whatever Disability you may have. Just select Disability. Re: Disability. The Texas election code defines a disability as a “sickness or physical condition” that prevents a voter from appearing in person without the risk of “injuring the voter’s health.” (Sec. 82.002 of the Election Code.) However you interpret this is up to you. [You don’t need to write “COVID-19.” Just mark “Disability.”]
Box 6a: “Annual Application” and “[Party] Primary.”
Box 7: Only necessary to fill out if your mailing address differs from your residence address. Otherwise, ignore Box 7.
Box 10: Your signature.

If you will be absent from the county during an election, suggestions for filling out your application:

Line 1: Your name.
Line 2: Your residence address.
Line 3: Your address outside of the county.
Line 4: Contact information is optional but recommended.
Box 5: Expected absence from the county.
Box 6b: Select any election you will miss. If you will be outside of the county during the runoff election, also select “Any Resulting Runoff.”
Box 7: Address outside the county.
Box 8: You have to be absent from the county from the first day of in-person early voting to election day, e.g. 06/29/2020 – 07/14/2020 for the upcoming election.
Box 10: Your signature.