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Case Number: C14H-2020-0087
Project Location: 3908 Avenue B

Mayor Adler, Council Members, and Planning Commission,

I support more housing and affordable housing being included on the Baker School land located in Hyde Park and so I oppose the restrictive zoning being proposed that would prevent housing from being built on the property. The Baker School land is located on a major transit corridor, Guadalupe St. With the passage of Project Connect we should not be restricting housing along these major areas, which would harm transit access and housing affordability for all of Austin, not just Hyde Park.

Friends of Hyde Park membership previously voted on the Baker Center. 101 members voted and 86% of those that voted approved of the “site to be developed to allow the maximum amount of housing and/or walkable neighborhood amenities that would benefit the neighborhood. If residential use is included, options should include affordable housing units.” The majority view on what should be allowed on this site is not being taken into account with the proposed restrictive zoning.

Please take into consideration the Friends of Hyde Park statement about this case at the link below.