Friends of Hyde Park’s Updated Statement On Baker Center Rezoning

Planning Commission Meeting: March 13 Case Number: C14-01-0046.02 Project Location: 3908 Avenue B Planning Commission, Friends of Hyde Park is concerned that Alamo may have no intention of ever building any housing on the property, which is a requirement for them in order to qualify for the purchase of the property from AISD. We are[…]

Friends of Hyde Park Requests Planning Commission Change Baker Center Rezoning

Planning Commission, Friends of Hyde Park requests that the rezoning for the property located at 3908 Avenue B as CS-HD-NCCD-NP be denied. Instead, we request the zoning of the property be approved as CS-HD-NP with the same requested entitlements or that this rezoning case be delayed until after the adoption of CodeNEXT. The only difference[…]

If You Thought Hyde Park Had a Lot Of Missing Middle Housing, You’d Be Wrong

Most people think that Hyde Park is full of what’s called missing middle housing or middle income housing. This may have been true at one time, but that’s no longer the case. According to information obtained from the Travis County Central Appraisal District there are only 9 triplexes and 7 fourplexes that remain in Hyde[…]

Austin’s ADU Ordinance May Be Illegal (Garage Apts, Granny Flats, Tiny Homes)

In November of 2015 the Austin City Council voted to approve a city wide change to allow ADUs (accessory dwellings units – also known as garage apartments, granny flats, tiny homes, or secondary homes) on all SF-3 zoned lots as small as 5,750 sqft in every neighborhood in Austin and to reduce burdensome parking requirements that can prevent ADUs[…]